Lettering Enhancements

  Italics or Arches please request these in the "More Info Box" on the Design Page.
  • Slant right can be used for both Sides or Transom
  • Slant left is only for special circumstances
  • We can also produce your name in an arched layout ( recommended for Transoms only )

Please request either of these in the "More Info Box" on the Design Page. We will email you a sample of this enhancement. For Arches please include how long you would like the name & the amount higher the centre of the lettering baseline is compared to the ends, ,This is the BASELINE RISE, & it tells us know how much acrh you require.

To acheive the same amount of arch as your transom, simply measure the WIDTH of your transom from top corner to top corner in a straight line and measure the amount of rise in the centre of this line. this is the TRANSOM RISE all we need then is the distance you would like from the baseline of the lettering to the top of the Transom. ,From this we can calculate the BASELINE RISE.

One Arched name costs the same as a pair of side names as it takes more time to do and uses more vinyl.


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